SoundSketch is a musical ensemble embracing and celebrating the powerful union of the visual and the audio worlds. The balanced combination of instruments of varied origins offers innumerable audio palates for the listener. Most of Tatev's compositions for Soundsketch are written to ornate and strengthen the visual experience of animations, films and cartoons. The openness, genial awareness of each sound and impact is essential for the members of SoundSketch for the unique union of Armenian, jazz and classical sounds, rely on such intricate details.

Tatev was born in Armenia on July 7th 1987 to artists Mels Yeghiazaryan and Karine Arsharkyan. She quickly showed a great interest for music and began formal classical lessons in both voice and piano at the age of 6.

Most of Tatev's compositions are written for Soundsketch, to ornate and strengthen the visual experience of motion pictures. Her music is inspired and influenced by classical, jazz, Armenian and funk music. Much of Tatev's inspiration comes from her childhood and continues fascination with haunting and magical fairy tales of different nations, cartoons and animations. She has scored for three short films, two animations and has performed individually as well as with Soundsketch comprised of her friends, colleagues and fellow graduates of William Paterson University.

Tatev moved to the United States in 2003 after achieving much recognition in Armenia. Tatev is a scholarship graduate of 2009 jazz studies at William Paterson University and NJPAC's Jazz for Teens program of 2006.

Tatev is a performer, a composer for films and animations, and an art entrepreneur who aims to connect people and realize common visions of creative muses.
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